Conversio People Operations Generalist / Executive Administrator

Posted on May 16th, 2019

Conversio is a fully remote, 13-person team. We are a life- and family-first company that seeks meaningful experiences outside of work and we endeavour to help our customers do the same.

We build honest software to help small businesses achieve their goals profitably, cost-efficiently and ethically. We aspire to be kind and responsible to our environment and society, while being an inspiration for others.

Learn more about our team and culture here.

About You

You have three years experience with SMB administration, human resources, executive or personal assistance. You are comfortable working remotely as part of a small team with a high level of autonomy and exceptional communication skills for this environment.

You’re really good at:

  • Organizing all things in life
  • Communicating through writing
  • Technology and determined to learn new things quickly
  • Spreadsheets & email
  • Finding creative solutions for non-obvious problems
  • Being uniquely yourself

And extra awesome, if this also describes you:

  • You’re highly adaptable and driven
  • You have a never say never attitude
  • You love a challenge
  • You're attention-to-detail reaches almost-OCD levels

You can be based anywhere in the world, but 70% of your work day needs to overlap with Adii's workday on GMT+2.

Bonus if you have any copywriting, finance / accounting and human resources experience.

About The Job

You will be taking ownership over many existing people operational tasks and systems while suggesting new practices to improve as we grow. We currently use Slack, Basecamp, G Suite and Dropbox to name a few. Most of the work required today involves administrative tasks and organization.

You will be working primarily with Adii.

These are some examples of your responsibilities:

  • Providing strategic administrative and project management support for Adii.
  • Processing and managing emails and calendars.
  • Scheduling internal and external meetings.
  • Assist with marketing activites (liaising between freelance contractors, getting content published on our blog and across social media).
  • Drafting and managing correspondence and communications on behalf of Adii, as appropriate.
  • Research, plan and host team retreats (every 7-odd months).
  • Lead team wellness efforts (regular check-ins / buying birthday gifts / making sure everyone has what they need to be awesome / organising up-skill sessions for the team).
  • Assist in recruiting, hiring and on-boarding.
  • A ton of other random operational tasks we need your help with at our small company

Why join us?

  • 100% Remote (we believe in trust and autonomy)
  • Team off-site / retreat every 7 months (we've been to Sicily, Cape Town, Mauritius, Tuscany, Tenerife and Zanzibar)
  • Our story and team
  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited and minimum holiday policy (yes - force you to take enough time off)
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