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In the early days, everyone did everything. Then as we started to hire a few people, all the extra jobs outside of "regular work" - fell to our CEO, John. Now, as the company has grown a lot further, John is spread pretty thin and needs help managing and organising the logistics of running a remote company. That's what this role is all about!

The Operations Manager role is a diverse one. At a regular company this might be referred to as something like "Office Manager" — but as a remote company, we don't actually have an office. Instead, we've got a different set of challenges which are reasonably unique to the type of business we've built.

Primarily, the Operations Manager role has two core focuses: Organising team logistics to make Ghost a great place to work, and assisting John directly by helping to fill gaps in the company wherever things need doing.

That said, this is a startup, so you should expect your role to extend to various parts of the business, as well as experiments and adhoc projects long the way. We're still a small team, so you'll be able to see - and contribute to - every part of the business from top to bottom.


  • 🤗 Help to hire + onboard new employees, measure and improve team happiness, implement policies (PTO, parental leave, etc.), and administer payroll, benefits, and reimburse expenses.
  • ✈️ Research, organise, book, and project-manage our 9-day international team retreats every 6 months: Arranging everything from travel and accommodation, to daily schedules and supplies.
  • ❤️ Plan and implement useful systems and activities to help everyone stay organised, and foster camaraderie between our remote team mates.
  • 💸 Handle accounts receivable/payable and help teams with various administrative tasks.
  • ⚖️ Be responsible for efficient meetings, workflows, documentation, and support for new tools we implement in the company.
  • 📬 Do some customer support and assist our users directly whenever there are gaps in our global support cover which need extra help.
  • 💬 Be the go-to person for questions from the Ghost Team regarding company policies and procedures.
  • 🐙 Assist John directly (and occasionally other team members) to allow them to be more productive, and better manage their time + workload.


Obsessively organised. This is the heart of the whole job, so we're on the lookout for someone who is already fantastic at organisation - and will be able to raise the bar of our overall organisational competence.

A creative problem solver. Someone who can get things done even when there's no immediately obvious answer or process for how to do them - and is happy to take responsibility for delivering.

A people person. This is definitely a role suited to a broadly extrovert / ENFJ type personality. You need to be great at understanding our team members, what motivates them, and what makes them tick. Empathy++

A great writer. Not only does this role involve a lot of writing, but as a remote team writing is our primary form of communication. Clear, concise communication in native English is an absolute must for this role.

Tech savvy. Ghost is a software company and, while this role doesn't require any specific technical or coding skills, it does require someone who is proficient and comfortable within that environment. We speak tech, and we work on tech, so it's heavily reflected in everything we do - and the tools that we use.

Independent. You'll have quick team meetings each week as well as regular 1:1s with your manager, but beyond that it's up to you to get things done. All teams at Ghost operate autonomously, so you'll be expected to get things done without being directed. A background in contracting or freelancing can be a big help.

This role would be particularly suited to someone with a background as an Executive Assistant who is looking to take on a broader role with more autonomy and independence, working remotely from anywhere in the world. It would also be very suited to digital nomads looking for a meaningful long-term role which can travel with them.

We don't mind where you're based or what hours you work, but this role does require a bit of schedule-flexibility, as you'll need some working hours overlap with John at all times, and he tends to move around quite a bit.

We value diversity of all types at Ghost and our team is made up of a kind, thoughtful group of people with a wide range of backgrounds. We have as many people who speak German as we do English and our engineering team contains as many women as it does men. Some of us are single, others are married, while others are parents. We actively try to find people with different perspectives and experiences to the ones we already have.


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