Scratch Financial Scrum Master

  • Product Management
  • Full-Time

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What we're building

Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple friendly payment plans. We help pet parents to provide the care their pets need, easing the financial barrier. We are growing fast in the veterinary space and Veterinarian, Pet owners and pets across the US love us! Come help us help more pets!

About the position

As a Scrum Master, you will help design and implement a strategy for teams to continuously improve their use of Agile principles and practices – Help teams inspect, adapt, deliver and mature. You will leverage your agile/lean mindset and coaching expertise to facilitate the process and partner with internal stakeholders within the Technology and Products organization. Our long term goal being to adopt Agile in almost every aspect of the business. 

Since you will have to work with multiple horizontal teams but also with executive at Scratch, you should be highly entrepreneurial, be able to coach executives, leaders, business units, and technology teams on Agile principles, values, how to build, grow, and maintain a thriving agile organization at scale.

This is about pushing the edge of what has been done in Finance and Lending to build a scalable platform that can serve all-the-pets. However many (but the more the merrier). This is about working with a brilliant team that's been growing from 0 to 1 in 3.5 years and that is helping pets in ~50 states in the US and most of the states of Canada.

This job is for you if you recognize yourself in this:

  • I have a good mind
  • I love to grow and help others do so
  • I am critical of myself and others
  • I am always respectful
  • I ask questions when needed
  • I can understand the boundaries but have a lot of fun within them
  • I take my work seriously and never let down people
  • I work hard because I want to do the best that I can right now
  • I always observe and reflect on how to do better tomorrow
  • I like animals

Qualifications Required

  • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree.
  • 5+ years experience working in technology and/or financial organizations.
  • 3+ years of Scrum Master experience
  • Knowledge and experience with methods such as XP, Lean, or Kanban
  • Hands-on experience applying lean/Agile methodologies within infrastructure and operational environments.
  • Deep knowledge of Agile principles and practices and the ability to transfer that understanding at all levels of the organization.
  • Consulting and facilitation skills in leading technical teams in the adoption and improvement of Agile methodologies.
  • Senior Agile Leadership skills with an ability to lead by example and challenge command and control behaviors.
  • Excellent presentation and training skills.
  • Application of Agile principles in one or more of these development disciplines: design, development, testing, and management; can relate principles, practices into performing these disciplines in an Agile environment.

You will

  • Be the ScrumMaster in multiple remote Scrum teams
  • Provide Agile Leadership coaching and training to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, functional managers, and executives.
  • Collaborate directly with software and operations teams to coach and guide them on the mechanics of Lean and Agile methods to achieve optimal team effectiveness.
  • Deliver hands-on coaching of individual teams in all aspects of scrum and kanban - daily meetings, planning, self-organization, collaboration, iterative development, managing flow, limiting wip, etc.
  • Expose our technology teams to the latest innovative thinking and ideas from the Agile community to increase agility, leveraging lean, scrum, Kanban, and other agile thinking.
  • Create Enterprise wide initiatives: internal certification (SM, PO).
  • Clearly define enterprise-wide guidelines (e.g, Definition of Done, SM, and PO qualifications and responsibilities).
  • Ensure strong organizational information flow (scaling the coach).
  • Create, launch, and facilitate Agile collaborative groups, Communities of Practice, and Agile Working Groups.
  • Continuously develop potential and existing coaches impacting all levels of the organization.
  • Embrace servant leadership and display the behaviors that come with the key mindset shifts associated with Agile methods.
  • Coach teams and management towards improving Agile process and metrics, evaluate and mentor existing Scrum teams, and deliver training classes for product owners, developers, and testers.
  • Create, build, and deliver customized Agile training.

How to know if you are a good fit?

You will have to:

  • Have empathy;
  • Understanding the position of others is critical. It is necessary to navigate through communication, mitigation and the culture
  • Be independent;
  • Yet know when to raise a point or ask for a clarification or escalate a potential issue
  • Communicate;
  • Speak your mind and expect others to. Engage in respectful and mindful conflict. Quality > quantity.
  • Know your stuff and know what you don't know;
  • No one is perfect but everyone can learn. Be humble enough to know your weaknesses. Be open minded and hard working enough to be able to fix them.
  • Take constructive criticism;
  • Ask yourself "how to know if I'm wrong?". You may not, but not challenging your thinking is unhealthy. We challenge each other a lot @Scratchpay.

Our culture

We care about the human aspect of work and we expect others to. Excellence is also an important keyword @ Scratchpay. While everyone makes mistakes, we learn from them. We are conscious about efficiency and effectiveness in the positive way. We don't do things that bring low-to-no value short or long term. We also do hard things that bring a lot of value. Quality, attention to detail and respect are some of the traits you must have and expect others to have.

The good

  • We are a team of dedicated, hard working, friendly individuals
  • We move fast, sometimes break things with measure, we give a second chance
  • We give constructive feedback, we challenge each other
  • We are open-minded and we care for each other
  • Everyone is striving towards excellence. Mediocrity isn't our cup of tea. But we always work hard to help those that are willing to get there!

The bad

  • Everything goes fast and the ultimate goal is to move the business fast. There can be disconnects in the communication at times. We all need to navigate through this and push whenever it is critical to do so.
  • We are open-minded but things need to be moving forward.
  • We say what we have to. So expect to hear some unpleasant - but true - things sometimes. Don't hesitate to argue back - with respect - if you disagree.
  • Like any startup, It can be a mess some days. You also will likely have to do things that aren't in your scope sometimes. Part of the fun, right? ;)

The most important is: We are always looking at improving. All the time, step by step. If you feel mediocre and don't see a path to improvement or can't listen to others' voice to, please do not apply.

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