NetApp Senior Software Engineer (Kubernetes Application Management)

Posted on September 5th, 2019

As a Senior Software Engineer working on the NetApp Kubernetes Service you’ll be responsible for building our application management platform for Kubernetes. This platform integrates support for one-click installable applications as well as custom workloads, and exposes management and monitoring via an API. Our customers utilize most major cloud providers as well as on-premise deployments with workloads varying from GPU powered machine learning to low latency API solutions.

NetApp Kubernetes Service offers customers a simple click-to-deploy production Kubernetes cluster and can be used across Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and on-premise.

Example projects:

  • Secure tunnel service for remote access to on-premise clusters
  • Buildpack workflow for deploying services directly to Kubernetes clusters
  • API for exposing remote cluster logs and metrics
  • Controller for issuing and rotating certificates in a Kubernetes cluster

You will:

  • Design and maintain services to manage Kubernetes clusters and applications
  • Improve and automate testing, deployment, failover and rollback processes for internal and external services
  • Develop add-on components for Kubernetes clusters such as private registries, CI/CD systems and event buses

Technologies We Use:

Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, Tekton, KNative, Helm, Python

We expect from you:

  • Expertise in one or more programming languages ie. Golang, Python, Rust, etc.
  • Collaborative team oriented individual with a growth mindset
  • Production experience with Kubernetes is a bonus, but not required
  • Production experience managing infrastructure on at least one major cloud provider
  • Aptitude for breaking down complex distributed systems into smaller maintainable components
  • Hold yourself and peers to a high bar when producing code or working with production systems
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