Nash Technical Project Manager

Posted on July 1st, 2019

Our goal at Nash is to make trading, holding, and interacting with cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. We are looking for a Project Manager to help coordinate information, drive milestones, and lead general planning across teams. This position requires both leadership skills and technical depth.


  • Coordinate with teams across many countries and timezones
  • Lead spring planning (via the Scrum framework)
  • Work with the design team and product owners to break down work into tasks, features, and milestones
  • Document features and specifications to aid coordination between teams

What we are looking for

  • 3+ years experience in a previous product or project management role
  • 3+ years experience in a prior technical software role
  • Success previously leading a service or system to production in a management role
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Familiarity with functional programming (e.g., Elixir, OCaml, Haskell)

What we prefer but don't require

  • A history of contributing to open source software
  • A deep background in some technical domain (e.g., distributed systems, cryptography, machine learning)
  • Strong understanding of blockchain concepts and technology
  • Prior history of remote work
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