GitLab Product Operations

Posted on January 18th, 2019

At GitLab we take a unique approach to Product Management - one centered around openness in our interaction with stakeholders, speed in the pace at which we iterate, simplicity in the single-application we build, and ambitiousness in what we aim to achieve.

Within the product group that often means we are consistently developing new process, communication avenues, and engagement mechanisms to achieve these goals. Product Operations team members recognise the unique way we work - and build tools to optimize the processes we develop.

We are looking for talented product operations professionals to join the Product team at GitLab. There are millions of ways to re-invent the product management process for our values. Be the one to make it a reality.

We encourage people to apply even if they don't have an established background in this role yet, but they feel this page describes what they have a strong attitude for. Developers with a strong interest in the product management process would be great fits for this role.

We recommend looking at our about page and at the product handbook to get started.


  • Support the product organization
  • Organize product lifecycle processes
  • Automate product internal and external communication
  • Facilitate improved product input from stakeholders
    • Optimize the product workflow to encourage just-in-time customer and stakeholder input
    • Improve our product discovery process to be optimized for async teams
    • Design and build systems to increase stakeholder feedback in GitLab issues
    • Develop intelligent tools for collecting and aggregating larger volumes of customer feedback


  • Strong product instincts with an ability to understand customer pain points and how to translate those into a products
  • A passion for building great products
  • Strong understanding of Git and Git workflows
  • Software developer with experience building web applications
  • Strong experience with Ruby
  • Knowledge of the developer tool space
  • Highly independent and pragmatic
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • You are living wherever you want
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values
  • Bonus points: experience with GitLab
  • Bonus points: experience with Kubernetes and Cloud Native application development
  • Bonus points: experience in working with open source projects

Hiring Process

    • Selected candidates will be invited to schedule a screening call with our Global Recruiters
    • Next, candidates will be invited to schedule a first interview with a Product Manager
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule an interview with our Director of Product
    • Candidates will then be invited to schedule an interview with the an Engineering Manager
    • Candidates will be invited to schedule an interview with our Head of Product
    • Candidates may be asked to schedule a deep dive interview
    • Candidates may be asked to meet with additional team members at the manager's discretion
    • Finally, candidates may interview with our CEO
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