Little Universe Illustrator/Graphic Artist

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Posted on January 8th, 2021


The climate crisis affects us all, but how often does our daily work allow us to address it? We believe technology has a huge role to play in slowing and reversing the climate destruction of the last century. We are a digital product agency singularly focused on ending the climate crisis, and we need a purpose-driven illustrator/graphic artist to help us to shape our visual story. By telling our visual story, you’ll be helping our clients understand the importance of a climate commitment in a visceral and emotional way, empowering fresh conversations about technology’s role in ending climate change, and doing your part to end the climate crisis. This is a unique opportunity for you to use your voice as a member of a craft-oriented team of engineers, designers, and product managers, to speak out about the importance of building technology to save the climate!


Little Universe, our quickly growing digital product agency, is focused on ending the climate crisis by collaborating with clients of all sizes, helping to set their climate agenda, and provide them with full-service design and engineering solutions. We need the help of a talented visual artist/illustrator/graphic artist to bring our story to our website. We are looking for engaging graphics that are emotion-filled, balancing the humanizing characteristics of a visible artistic hand with clarity, succinctness, and a high level of polish. You’ll work with our Heads of Design and Product to craft a graphic strategy which responds to our in-progress site design, offering new ideas and concepts, and deliver high quality assets for the web, suggesting optimal workflows for delivery.


  • This posting is for a contract, hourly role, over a few months.
  • There is huge potential for additional work and further collaboration via our client work. We work with clients all the time who would benefit from the services of an illustrator/graphic artist.

Our Interview Process

  1. You’ll share your portfolio and application materials
  2. We’ll review and get back to qualified candidates with the following:
  3. A set of working mockups for our website
  4. A single page mood board
  5. A short design brief
  6. We’ll pay you a small stipend to prepare a short concept presentation (5 slides) outlining your approach given the materials we send
  7. We’ll meet remotely and discuss your presentation and approach, allowing for informal conversation and discussion.
  8. We will evaluate internally and reach out to the right candidate!

Qualifications and Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience delivering graphics for the responsive web
  • A strong portfolio of illustration or graphic work demonstrating skill, viewable on the web
  • Understanding of current web graphic standards, including knowledge of best file types for displaying work on the web
  • Expert understanding of composition, color usage
  • Expert ability to capture emotion and mood
  • Passion for storytelling visible in your work
  • Ability to interpret and critique existing design language
  • Ability to work within constraints and respect design decisions which have been made, while creatively offering new solutions and ideas.
  • Experience working with stakeholders to plan, develop, and refine concepts and illustrations

Our Company Values

  1. Embody Care

    We build trust with each other and support those around us to do their best work with humility and attentiveness.

  2. Celebrate Critique

    We welcome critique as an important and generative step in all matters and adopt an attitude of exploration, engagement, and thoughtfulness.

  3. Formalize Simplicity

    Simplicity is a way of working, not a destination. We try to make things simple for each other, and work together to find the right way for it to take shape in our work.

  4. Make Utility Beautiful

    We work to make the experience of using something beautiful through balance, precision, and specificity.

  5. Reflect on Significance

    We strive to be intentional as is possible in our work and seek to transform frustration and difficulty into opportunities for reflection and joy.