Tawkfiy Customer Support Representative

Posted on September 5th, 2019

Tawkify is Hiring a Customer Success Representative

What is Tawkify? 

Tawkify is the fresh, smart and sexy matchmaking startup dedicated to putting fun and romance back into dating. 

We are growing rapidly, and currently hiring for a critical role on our Customer Success team. This can involve setting the right expectations, working hard to improve the experience, being a detective at times to figure out what exactly happened and problem-solving the right outcome. This job is part public relations, part matchmaker and counselor at times. 

Our small, dedicated team is very collaborative. We like to help and support each other leading to happier employees and clients. This is a great chance to get in on a rapidly growing early-stage opportunity in an "off the beaten path" fun business, where excellence is appreciated. 

High-level, we're looking for someone who is quick at picking things up, confident, able to push back and offer creative solutions, and who can handle intense emotional situations around LOVE. 

Additional Desired skills and attributes: 

  • Prior experience in customer service
  • Strong plus if you've had some sales experience
  • Strong communication skills & emotional intelligence
  • Interest in self-improvement and growth
  • Self-motivated, accountable, and driven
  • Interest in learning how to "operationalize" customer success
  • Comfortable highlighting operational failure and managing the feedback loop

How to apply: 

Please email us with your resume and highlight an example of a tough conversation you had with a customer and the resolution you reached. 

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