GitLab UX Designer

Posted on January 18th, 2019

This position is remote based.
At GitLab, UX Designers collaborate closely with Engineers, UX Research, and other Designers to create an intuitive, beautiful, world-class experience. UX Designers report to the UX Manager.


    • Help to define and improve the interface and experience of GitLab.
    • Create deliverables (wireframes, mockups, prototypes, flows, etc.) to communicate ideas.
    • Work with developers to iterate on and refine the existing experience.
    • Partner with UX Research to conduct user testing.
    • Actively evaluate and incorporate feedback from UX Research.
    • Stay informed of the latest UI/UX techniques, tools, and patterns.
    • Understand general UX design and best practices.
    • Design features that fit within the larger experience and flows.
    • Effectively communicate new features with mockups and prototypes.
    • Create and maintain UX documentation for design process.
    • Break down designs to fit within the monthly release cadence.
    • Productively iterate on features across milestones.
    • Share user research findings and recommendations with team.


    • Tools used by the UX Team are flexible depending on the needs of the work. Please see the UX Designer Onboarding page for more details.

Success Criteria (you know you are doing a good job as a UX Designer when...)

    • You are resolving UX / UI issues assigned to milestones well before the milestone comes up.
    • You communicate well with the developers.
    • You are contributing ideas and solutions beyond existing issues.
    • Users are overwhelmingly happy about your contributions.
    • You collaborate effectively with Frontend Engineers, Developers, and Designers.

Hiring Process

    • Portfolios of qualified candidates will be reviewed by our hiring team.
    • Select candidates will be invited to schedule a 30 minute screening call with our Global Recruiters.
    • First, candidates will be invited to meet with a UX Designer for 45 minutes.
    • Second, candidates will be invited to meet with the UX Manager. During this interview, candidates will go over. basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as UX best practices for 1 hour.
    • Candidates will be invited to schedule a third 45 minute interview with our VP of Engineering.
    • Finally, candidates may be asked to schedule a 50 minute interview with our CEO.
    • Successful candidates will subsequently be made an offer via email.


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