Marketcircle Infrastructure Reliability Engineer

  • Devops & Sysadmin
  • Full-Time

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Want to work from home? Want to make an impact by working for a small company that values autonomy and working collaboratively in a team to solve challenging problems? Love learning new technology? Then you'll fit right into the Marketcircle Team!

At Marketcircle, we value family and work-life balance. We need your help to ensure that our infrastructure runs smoothly and securely, day in, day out.

Our applications are a bit different than your standard fare. We have native macOS and iOS apps that store data locally on the device and sync that data with our backend systems. Of course, we run standard things such as a REST API, CalDAV and CardDAV services etc...

You'll be working in a world with micro-services written mostly in Ruby, some in Python and a touch in Objective-C/Swift running in a *nix environment. We use tools such as Nomad, Consul, Vault, Docker, Kafka, Postgres, ElasticSearch, NGINX, Jira, Confluence, PagerDuty, GitHub, Travis and a few more.

We run our infrastructure on Digital Ocean with a sprinkle of AWS.

We have customers throughout the World and continue to grow. You'll help us scale our infrastructure to handle this growth in a steady, secure and reliable manner, helping keep our customers happy and everyone's work/life balance in check.

About you:

  • You've written and deployed micro-services and are able to work with senior and junior developers
  • You've worked with Postgres and/or ElasticSearch
  • You've worked with Digital Ocean, AWS or Azure
  • You've worked with Docker, Nomad or Kubernetes
  • You've used source control tools such as Git
  • You've done some continuous integration work with the likes of Travis, Circle CI, Jenkins
  • You are familiar with Kanban and Lean process management
  • You are able to work in a team environment, believe that a healthy team is important and willing to work keep your team healthy
  • You are curious and always seeking to learn new things
  • You've been around the block and know that discipline, routines and standards are key to a healthy and secure infrastructure

Your years of experience will be a determining factor in whether we consider you for a junior, intermediate or senior role.


This position is fully remote, however you must comply with the following:

  • Pass a police background check
  • Be a Canadian, U.S. or E.U. citizen

Marketcircle Inc. is a young, fun and distributed tech company. We believe in the power of Kaizen (continuous learning), teamwork, creativity, ownership, and empathy. By embodying those core values we know we impact the lives of our customers, and each other. Our mission is to empower small business worldwide drives us to develop a native macOS and iOS app that helps thousands create organization of what would otherwise be chaos. Tired of a long commute to work? As long as you have reliable internet, and can work between 10:00AM - 3:00PM EST (core hours), you can work from anywhere! We expect results, not monkeys sitting in cubes for 10 hours a day! Though we are mostly remote, our team tries to meet up in the office every now and again tostados hare some laughs, build camaraderie and eat some good food! We also make it a point to do activities together, like axe throwing, escape rooms, evenings out, etc.

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