Drops Social Media Manager and Copywriter

Posted on July 18th, 2019

If you have a soft spot for bootstrapped, profitable, hyper-growth startups with a meaningful product, you might quite like this rare opening with a flexible work environment at Drops. You also have a knack for writing intelligent, witty copy; you probably take photos in your free time, dabble with Lightroom, and your IG game is beyond strong.

About us:

Drops’ goal is to turn language learning into a delightful, effective game. Our primary app, Drops, has been in the App Store for over 3 years, teaches 33 languages, and was featured by both the App Store and Play Store multiple times. It was Google’s Best App of 2018. We are a small, passionate remote team mainly spread across Europe, with a small outpost in California. We mostly work synchronously, so working hour overlap does matter for us. The company is still run by the founders. We communicate via Slack, Git, and Trello. We want to be the no.1 app for vocabulary learning and we are getting there quickly with our current user base of 14 million, a monthly active of >1,500,000 and an average store rating of 4.7.

You can find us here: http://drops.app.link/


You will:

Be responsible for all social media, with major emphasis on Instagram.Edit all content, as well as writing a good bit of it.Make all content written by another team member sound almost as witty and brilliant as your own.Develop and pitch creative campaigns with indisputable success metrics.Ideate and collaborate with our product and marketing teams on all projects that involve social media or content marketing, and any other projects you find interesting.Persuade our product developers and marketing team to integrate social media.Strike envy in the hearts and minds of the social media managers of our competitors.You will work with our legal advisor to execute influencer contracts.Strike envy in the hearts of the social media managers of our competitors.


You have:

  • A proven social media and content management track record - including executed, impactful creative campaigns.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and the ability to work well cross-functionally.
  • You are native in these softwares: G-suite (docs, spreadsheet, etc), Slack, Trello, Planoly, Excel/Numbers, Words/Pages, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Project management experience (everyone is managing projects at Drops)

Our Ideal Candidate:

  • You live in Europe, or within the GMT time zone + or - 2 hours.
  • You speak and write native English.
  • You’re a social media maven. You have undeniable examples of how you elevated your brand⁠—or the brand of a company⁠—via creative social media engagement--especially through Instagram
  • You’re sufficiently well spoken⁠—and well written⁠—in long-form and social media lingo. Your editing skills are as good or better than your writing skills.
  • You hate useless punctuation, but love full stops.,
  • You detest inconsistent capitalization You know that true em dashes are always better than --.
  • You love finding the perfect post or campaign that sparks a fire.
  • You love tracking and measuring just how intense that fires gets.
  • You don’t just know and use best social media best practices but blaze trail with never-been-seen ideas.
  • You can make that fire spark another. Maybe you’re not a maven. Maybe you’re a social pyromaniac.
  • You stalk the most unapproachable of influencers and can negotiate anything for a free license.
  • You’re a perfectionist re: all media you use--prefer creating your own visual assets, but can cost-efficiently manage in-house or outsourced designers for the bigger stuff.
  • You love proving - preferably with numbers - to engineers that social media and content do matter. In acquisitions, in retention, in $.
  • You love language learning, whether you’re good at it or not. At the very least, you’re willing to obsess over what makes language learners tick.
  • We’re building a small, but super capable team. You’re naturally more interested in the fate of the product & driven to grow professionally, than in managing people.
  • We are looking for a missionary rather than a mercenary.
  • We value clear and honest communication and transparency - it’s the linchpin of our culture and current success, and freedom. You will be involved in both high and low level decision making, and will be available during European working hours (9AM - 6PM GMT).


  • EU-only
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