MariaDB Software Engineer Query Optimizer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time

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Locations: Fully remote anywhere in the US

Work Visa's: No sponsorships are available at this time

Comp: $150K - $190K (highly dependent on experience and work location) + equity + 25 days PTO, 401k matching, private medical

Are you interested in working in a dynamic and growing international company with a strong Open Source culture and whose products are used by big Internet and other companies all over the world? MariaDB is the fastest growing Open Source database worldwide, with more than 12 million users.

We power applications at companies like, Virgin Mobile and Wikipedia, and we partner with companies like Alibaba and Facebook. The company was founded by the team that founded and built MySQL and enjoys unprecedented technical depth for a startup.

Xpand is the distributed SQL offering of MariaDB and is solving one of the most difficult open problems in the software database industry today: scaling transactional workloads. We work on:

  • C codebase with a custom standard library

  • Database fundamentals: B-trees, logging, and recovery, MVCC

  • A rule-based, cost-based query planner with top-down optimization similar to Cascades Framework

  • An MPP, distributed database with unique query planning challenges that are more complicated (and more interesting) than a single node database

What we're looking for:

  • Strong experience working as a Database Optimizer or Planner of a relational DB

  • An understanding of table statistics and cardinality estimation

  • Experience with cost modeling

  • Experience with development of analytics features for SQL

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