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We are RNO1. 

A west coast brand & digital experience agency, partnering with game-changing & growth-focused companies across platforms & places.

Who are you?

We’re looking for a new Head of Growth (Business Development - Remote) to join our humble team, aiming to make big impact amongst funded startups, lifestyle & eCommerce brands, from small to sizable.

As this is a relatively new position, it’s purely incentive based (commission to start based on our mutual wins + profit sharing in perpetuity). Yes, you read that correctly. Big profits from Big wins. Not scared yet...? Keep reading :).

You'll help co-create process with our leadership team, define target personas (the "ideal" Client Partners we want to align with now and later), and help set the strategy for global growth.

We want to work with someone who has experience selling to SaaS Startups, who understands the VC/Private Equity world, and craves the newest lifestyle/eCommerce product experiences.

This role is for an individual who is fully engaged: hyper-invested in the success of themselves and what we do within RNO1. Engagement doesn't mean working 24/7, it just means (to us) being very results driven, ensuring we hit/exceed our mutual goals. Someone who lives, eats and breathes tech, design and embraces new and innovative strategies that help position our team as a leader in our industry. A seasoned "closer" who isn't afraid to map new solutions that reach and resonate: with a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

As we're often working with VC Firms, Senior-level Marketing Execs, Product Teams and CEO's / Founders, we want to always "walk the walk" and "talk the talk". Even if we don't know it all (which we never do) we're super keen to learn and keep up with the pace. And, this individual as our Head of Growth is stoked to do it with us along the way.

In the details.

Early 2019, we brought a stellar Design & Digital Subscription Model to market that is putting our little agency on the map. 

We've taken the SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) Model and brought it to the agency landscape. Startups and VC firms love it, and growth-focused brands see major ROI in it. We're already seeing major adoption in the 3+ months it has been available. It's different, competitively positioned, and ready to grow in a major way.

We need you.

To help own it, scale it, and ensure it succeeds in the marketplace. While there are a lot of details to cover, let’s have a “first dance” (maybe an email/call) and get into it. Hit us up if you’re ready to become part of something big that can, and will, make waves in the marketplace.

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