Seeq Corporation Java Developer

  • Software Development
  • Full-Time

Posted on January 15th, 2019

Seeq makes data analytics software for a big market that’s often overlooked by tech companies: industrial process data. Think pharmaceutical manufacturers, wind farms, and energy companies with tons of equipment and sensors. Our software engineers tackle hard problems in streaming calculations, storage, and distributed computing. Your primary responsibilities will be to develop, maintain, and support data lake and historian connections to Seeq. This will involve working on site with customers to gather requirements and manage deployments.

We have a major customer in the Houston area that wants to tie their data lake systems together with our analytics solutions.  We are looking for candidates with excellent interpersonal and technical skills to lead and execute on this effort.

Seeq prefers to emphasize talent, capacity to contribute, and passion for the problem solution over specific experience or background requirements, but even so, the ideal candidate is likely to have most or many of the following characteristics:

  • You’re comfortable with Java 8 and fluent with streaming/functional syntax.

  • You know your way around both Linux and Windows when it comes to shell commands, deployments, task scheduling, and general configuration or troubleshooting.

  • You have some experience or interest in performance or load testing.

  • You know how to read and use a REST API.

  • You value security, communication, and stability when it comes to seamless software upgrades or data migrations.

  • You can work successfully in a virtual team environment.

  • You live in or are willing to relocate to the Houston area.

  • You have some experience with big data and data lake technologies - specifically Hadoop.

  • You know a scripting language such as Python for writing maintainable scripts or data analysis when needed.

  • You're familiar with agile or scrum methodologies.

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