Full Stack React Engineer

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About You

You're a JavaScript engineer who loves challenges, learning, and making people's lives easier. You write reliable code and embrace automated testing as an unequivocal Good Thing. Balancing cutting edge technology with stability and robustness entices you, and building something useful drives you. You want to work with a driven team, build things you can be proud of, and avoid workplace politics as much as possible.

You will be successful in this role if you've done some or all of the below:

  • Have at least 3 years of experience working on JavaScript-heavy applications, with solid knowledge of React.
  • Have solid knowledge of HTML and CSS and can write semantic, maintainable UIs.
  • Have full-stack experience, ideally with Ruby on Rails or a similar framework (e.g. Django, Grails).
  • Have worked with search engines like ElasticSearch or Solr.
  • Pick up new ideas and technologies quickly and love learning them.
  • Love using code to make people's lives easier.
  • Enjoy helping others around you grow as developers and be successful.
  • Can be autonomous and self-driven.
  • Get inspired on a daily basis; think of new ideas, and like to share them with others.
  • Love to experiment and use data and customer feedback to drive decision making.
  • Crave an engineering culture that empowers you to work as equal partner to product in order to solve customer problems

About the Job

As a React Engineer, you'll help enhance our website to make it more valuable to our customers by improving our analytics dashboards, merchant tools, and administration areas. You'll work with other great engineers, a product designer, and a product manager to help define the most important work to do and create a great web experience for our customers.

About the Team

We're a passionate team of engineers who love challenges and want to make people’s lives better. We value openness, curiosity, continuous improvement, and great code. We believe that empowering everyone in a company to do what they think is best can lead to great things.

We’re based in San Francisco, but have a thriving remote engineering culture.

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