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Posted on February 7th, 2019

Join us on our quest to make the world's most awesome maps

Awesome Maps is making exactly that, awesome maps. We have different lines of maps like illustrated special interest maps, design maps, diy maps and more.

Where we are and where we are going

We are based across the world (check us out on our about page --> and are bringing out new maps constantly. We sell our maps worldwide - offline and online. This year we want to strengthen our online presence.

Why we are doing what we are doingWe really feel we are all really lucky to be on this planet and there is so much greatness all around us - it is honestly pure magic. When I (Simon) made the first map (Surftrip Map) I was amazed how many great places there were to surf (did you know you can score great waves in Yemen?) and how much it's worth to explore the world around us. And not just with a big "instagramable" around the world trip but also right where you are right now.

The spirit of discovery lives in all of our maps and ourselves at Awesome Maps. And it's something we want to show in our marketing as well.

We also all think that life is great and and we think it would be awesome if we could grow our Social Media channels and have a little impact on affecting other people's lifes in a positive way as well.

How exactly this is going to happen will be your job to figure out :)

About the position

We are a small and energetic, result oriented team and are looking for people that are the same. We are looking for a doer who is ready to get shit done. The role includes:

**Social Media- you can basically do what you want here. We want to interact with people more and find creative ways of engaging with our community - mostly on Instagram. You should absolutely LOVE Instagram and be very active yourself. Checking comments, seeing what happens after putting out a new idea and checking constantly shouldn't feel like work to you but like something you want to do. *E-Mail marketing- you are creative with your Social Media strategy but you also want to make sure we communicate right across different channels. You support us with ideas for email marketing and come up with creative content ideas and challenges you can tie together with your social media efforts. *Blog*- same as the emails. You come up with ideas how we can move the conversation to our blog. You don't want to write standard blog posts only but also continue the discussion you started on social media or with the newsletter on the blog. Influencers and outlets - because you love Instagram and you stumble across great profiles all the time you reach out to them and let them know about the maps in a nice way.

The goalOf course eventually we need to generate revenue with all our efforts and your job is to figure out what works for this and what doesn't. At the same time we want to use our channels to interact with people in meaningful ways adding some positivity to the world around us. If this would be measured in KPIs it would be:* revenue* #followers* interactions with followers * #of positive comments on what we do

What you get* Challenging and rewarding projects. You will be responsible for the success of your projects.* A small (we're still a start-up) budget to work with.* A challenging setup and an opportunity to learn and grow.* Depending on your experience about 2200€/month - if you make more than you cost you can expect more in the future* Work remotely with flexible hours.* Long-term. We want you to stay with us! We are looking forward to meeting you!


In a nutshell, you are responsible for* Social Media* The blog* Giving input to email marketing* Reaching out to influencers and outlets* there is more but those are the main things


  • You have worked with/in start-ups before (2+ years) and feel comfortable in this environment.**You know about marketing and have relevant experience in this field.*We don't just tell you what to do but you know what should be done and give us ongoing feedback. You know the best way to reach out to a journalist or someone on Instagram because you have done it before. You know what works best to involve people and you can hit the ground running - because you have done this before.
  • You get shit done. No excuses, no sitting idle and waiting for someone to tell you what to do. You figure it out yourself and get it done.
  • You are not afraid to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • You can and do communicate clearly.
  • English is your first language.
  • You are looking to work with us for at least one year.
  • You are based in Europe or Asia (Oceania also works). Other timezones are simply too much hassle to coordinate.
  • We are a remote team, so you can work from anywhere. However, we do not hire people who spend most of their time traveling. We’re working on achieving great things, so do not apply if you don’t have a permanent place to stay or change your location every couple of weeks.
  • If you live a healthy lifestyle, are active, don’t refer to yourself as a “digital nomad” and can laugh about irony rather than being offended by it you would probably be a good fit.
  • We have a good idea of what we want to achieve but this role will inevitably be tailored to the individual who applies and joins. Regardless of how well you feel you fit our description, we encourage you to apply.

About you in a nutshell

All things considered probably the best fit would be if you have experience from working in agencies or big companies but want to break out of that 'rat race' lifestyle. You're willing to make less money (see above for payment) but the flexibility of remote work is really valuable to you.

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