GitLab UX Director

Posted on January 15th, 2019

The User Experience (UX) Director reports to the VP of Engineering, and UX Managers report to the UX Director.


  • Sets overall direction of UX from both a design and application experience view
  • Identify shortcomings of GitLab UX from a holistic view (e.g. users attempting to import repos)
  • Identify improvements for UX design (e.g. look and feel, color, spacing, etc.)
  • Work with UX researchers to prioritize quantifiable and actionable feedback through videos and other tools
  • Work with product leads on new UX designs/screenshots
  • Improve scheduling process to balance necessary UX improvements
  • Interviews candidates for UX Designer
  • Works with all parts of the organization (e.g. Backend, Frontend, Build, etc.) to improve overall UX
  • Reviews material made by UX designers
  • Ensures that the technical decisions and processes set by the CTO are followed
  • Does 1:1's with all reports regularly (e.g. every week or two)
  • Is available for 1:1's on demand of the report
  • Ensures quality implementation of design materials
  • Delivers input on promotions, function changes, demotions, and firings in consultation with the VP of Engineering and Frontend Manager


  • A minimum of 3+ years experience as a design lead, product lead, or design manager
  • Experience managing managers
  • Solid visual awareness with understanding of basic design principles like typography, layout, composition, and color theory
  • Proficiency with pre-visualization software (e.g. Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Experience defining the high-level strategy (the why) and creating design deliverables (the how) based on research.
  • Passion for creating visually pleasing and intuitive user experiences.
  • Collaborative team spirit with great communication skills
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values.
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