Omniscient Digital SEO Outreach Specialist (100% Remote)

Posted on April 5th, 2021

About Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is a premium content marketing and SEO agency supporting major B2B software and ecommerce companies like AppSumo, Lokalise, Pique Tea, and more.

Our work has been featured in Shopify, Intercom, CXL, and more, and our strategies are used by many of the top content marketing teams in the country.

Our team is 100% remote. Learn about the core values that drive how we work and build a company.

About the role

As an SEO Outreach Specialist, you’ll be responsible for helping our fast-growing B2B software and ecommerce clients rank in the top spots on Google and grow their organic traffic. You'll be responsible for spearheading offsite SEO efforts such as active outreach, backlink building, and other strategies to help our clients grow their organic traffic and business.

You'll work closely with the client success and editorial teams to help our clients be successful.

Link building is one of the most significant factors for any site to rank in Google Search. The process consists of digging through the internet, finding prospects, developing authentic relationships, and creating amazing content.

In addition to client work, you'll also own link building efforts for our own in-house marketing as we build up our own properties.

Your responsibilities

The SEO Outreach Specialist's job is to own our link building efforts for clients. You'll make sure we hit our monthly quotas and continue driving industry leading results for our clients. This job will include email outreach but will also touch upon content strategy -- namely, in working with our SEO strategists to make sure we're creating linkable assets and a content strategy that includes content that attracts links.

Here's what you'd be responsible for:

  • Work with our the SEO & Content Strategist to ensure clients get the highest quality deliverables
  • Organize and execute outreach campaigns to build backlinks and authority for clients
  • Identify and prioritize backlink targets for clients in coordination with content team
  • Measure and report on link building, traffic, and authority related to outreach and backlinking efforts
  • Monitor clients' backlink profile, as well as competitor activity
  • Recommend new opportunities to scale organic traffic
  • Conduct research for new link building strategies
  • Prospecting for and outreach to new opportunities
  • Learn the importance of anchor text, target pages, and SEO metrics
  • Manage spreadsheets to track monthly Goals
  • Learn the client's industry and business inside and out, and employ a strategic approach to planning content, analyzing project performance, and reporting results.
  • Work with Omniscient's co-founder and head of marketing, Alex Birkett, in crafting link building strategies for

Tools you'll have access to and be expected to use

Notion, Ahrefs, Google Sheets, Slack, Screaming Frog, MarketMuse, Clearscope

Who you are

The type of person we're looking for:

  • You have some experience in SEO and link building strategies. You have 1-2 years of experience with on- and off-site SEO.
  • Prioritization and organization come easily to you. You're detail-oriented, organized, and efficient. You're not intimidated when five people need five different things from you at the same time or if you need to juggle multiple projects and responsibilities at once.
  • You're a strong verbal and written communicator. You can communicate nuanced and complex concepts and thoughts to people. You're experienced in and comfortable managing client expectations and making sure clients are well taken care of.
  • You seek feedback. You’re eager to learn new things to grow and improve your skills.
  • You’re a critical thinker. You love challenges and finding creative ways to solve a problem.
  • You’re process-oriented. You try to be as efficient as possible and always looking for ways to improve how things are done.
  • You’re adaptable. You're a flexible and agile. You realize that things changes and often don't work out perfectly, so you do what needs to be done and keep moving forward.
  • You’re great at working independently. You’re comfortable setting and achieving your own goals and can communicate what you’re working on. You don't need or want to be managed.

Benefits of working with us

We're here to help you grow and do great work.

  • We’re a 100% remote company so you can work from anywhere.
  • By working at a small company with multiple clients, you'll improve your SEO, editorial, marketing, and project management skills faster than you would at a big company.
  • Ample opportunities to take on more responsibility and grow the business.
  • We’ll coach you up toward becoming a world-class marketer.
  • Team Retreats: Team trips each year to cities like LA, Boston, Austin, or Chicago to get some time together in person (as COVID-19 allows, of course).


Compensation for the role will be $20/hour, and the number of hours you work will range between 15-20 hours per week depending on your availability. We can also structure bonuses based on link quotas and exceeding those numbers.

If you're interested, apply below.

Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But there’s no such thing as a "perfect" candidate. Omniscient Digital is a place where everyone can grow. So however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if the idea of this role excites you.


If interested, please apply with the following answers:

Are you a US citizen working in a US timezone? y/n
Do you have experience doing SEO and link building strategies? y/n
Tell us about your experience with SEO and link building.
Tell us about your experience working with multiple clients at once.
Tell us about a time you encountered an inefficient system within a business, and created something better to replace it.
Which technical SEO tools are you comfortable using?
What interests you about this job?
Anything else we should know?