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The short version

Mission: Bring joy to teachers and students using Aula every day by building Community & Support at Aula from scratch.

Why: Aula is only successful when our platform creates an engaging digital experience. To get there, we need a deep understanding of our partners that the product alone can't provide.

Who: Humble, excellent communicator and builder-mentality. Displays interest in digital products, with ideally 1+ years of experience making users happy.

How: You'll have the freedom to define what community & support is at Aula. Inform product decisions, ease user headaches, educate students and teachers on how to best use Aula.


Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be working on:

  • Raise awareness around technical issues on the platform, prioritise bugs appropriately, and learn from what users are struggling with to make their experiences more engaging.
  • You are the voice of reason within Aula, working closely with Learning Intelligence team to give insight to the product team about current frustrations and recurring technical issues.
  • Author materials that will educate our users about features and how they can get more out of Aula. Aula help is what we have now, but we'd really love it if you could reinvent support at Aula and take this to the next level!
  • Communicate directly with our teachers and students. Answer questions, collect feedback, provide guidance.
  • Help teachers and students have an enjoyable and productive experience on Aula while making sure their feedback shapes product decisions.

We’d love to hear from you if… 🔍

You are the kind of person who

  • Is patient, warm, and organised in your thoughts and delivery. Empathy is key.
  • Thrives in caring and direct feedback environments, putting the product first.
  • Is not necessarily an engineer, but is definitely interested in how digital products work.
  • Is the go-to tech guru in your family. You help your parents understand that the cloud is not actually a cloud.
  • Loves digging in and understanding why/how something works. Or doesn't.
  • Thrives in uncertainty and is searching for the chance to shape your own role and career.
  • Is excited about the prospects of eventually managing a team.
  • Is eager to explore the world of remote working.
  • Considers yourself transparent, reliable and considerate.
  • Appreciates the value of diverse and inclusive teams.
  • Wants to join a 50-person startup journey with all the ups and downs.

You’ve done some of these things

  • Worked closely with product or customer-facing teams, and have seen product success at a user-focused company.
  • Not necessarily an engineer, but have a really good understanding and flair for where an issue can come from, how to replicate it, and what could have caused it.
  • Strong written skills, where you'd be confident in sending messages and creating product guidelines. You love getting creative in your style!
  • Excellent communication skills, where you'd be comfortable interacting with users 20 times a day.
  •  Bonus: Some practical digital skills such as making small tutorial videos, finding the best tools to track issues and creating a ticket system.


  • Worldwide
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