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Posted on February 6th, 2019

Perengo is seeking a Data Engineer with excellent technical understanding of these domains, at least several years of experience are required. The job is a remote contract position working on several large database systems.


  • Knows and loves the startup world - quick thinking and acting with minimal/no supervision
  • Able to build enterprise grade architectures off of minimal and changing requirements
  • Self driven, independent, creative and eager to learn new skills 
  • Aren't happy with good, and build to great

Technical Requirements:  

  • Excellent and proven knowledge of Postgres on Amazon RDS
  • Excellent and proven knowledge of Amazon Redshift
  • Excellent and proven knowledge of  SQL
  • EXPLAIN ANALYZE is one of your most used SQL commands
  • Good knowledge of the following technologies is a bonus: Redash, Python, Shell scripting, Docker
  • Proficiency in Git, JIRA and Teamcity are a plus
  • 4+ years in a production environment a plus


  • Database administration, tuning, management and security.
  • Providing technical support for all database environments.
  • Development and organization of all databases.
  • Assessment and implementation of new technologies for the database layer.
  • Providing long-term perspective on the relationship of the selected database technology to business opportunities.
  • Set up, configure maintain and enhance proper infrastructure to support a large scale data analytics environment.
  • Evaluate the technical tradeoffs of every decision

Related Experiences:

  • Data Architect
  • Postgres/RDS and Redshift Engineer
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Backend Data Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Engineer

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