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Standart is hiring a head of marketing to develop and run our marketing operations. We publish a quarterly print magazine about specialty coffee culture catering to professionals and enthusiasts all over the world. Our magazine is our product, and the job is to ensure that it is enjoyed by as many readers as possible.

This is a role for someone who has run the marketing operations for a company with revenue at least €1mil and with a dedicated marketing strategy. At Standart, you’ll be running all our marketing campaigns and communications, and will report to the CEO. As the Head of Marketing, you’ll be responsible for the overall growth of the company.

Standart is a fully remote company. We have no central office, and no set business hours. Our team currently work in four different timezones, from the UK to Japan. You can work from wherever you like, but will need ensure at least 4 hours a week of overlap with Central European Time for team calls. This means someone who thrives on autonomy, and reacts to it with a high level of accountability. We need you to define your work habits, deliverables, schedule, and then follow through. We’re not interested in how many hours you work—we’re interested in the quality of that work.

We’re a small team, but we’re also a very close team, and trust and openness is important to us. Everyone on the team has an important role to play, and everyone has an impact.

Standart seeks to provide a work setting that allows you the support and encouragement you need to do your best work, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

About the job

The most important job for the head of marketing is to drive sales and revenue. We can create the most beautifully curated magazine in the world, but if we don’t sell it, no one will get to enjoy it.

This means the role requires someone who is enthusiastic about our company and our work and making sure as many people as possible get to enjoy it. At the end of the day, that is the goal. You’ll help strategise and implement a successful marketing framework to move us forward.

Marketing is not just about designing the best campaign. This role also requires the implementation of strategy and tactics and management on a daily basis, over a number of projects and day-to-day tasks. We’re looking for a T-shaped marketer who can have an immediate impact that achieves rapid measurable outcomes and long-term growth.

What you might be working on:


  • Increasing yearly revenue across subscriptions, wholesale accounts, and advertising.
  • Improving customer retention rates.

Branding and strategy

  • Developing and implementing a three-year marketing strategy and outlining metrics to measure success.
  • Developing and implementing branding guidelines for all our customer-facing communications.


  • Completing performance and forecast reports.
  • Overseeing implementation of strategy and guidelines across all markets.
  • Design and roll out marketing training to team members and new hires.

Your work will be a combination of smaller, recurring tasks, and longer-term, project-based tasks. Smaller tasks are often detailed and repeat on a regular basis; we expect you to develop efficient workflows to complete them, allowing you to balance day-to-day with project work. You will develop metrics, set targets, and instil a culture that values success.

It’s not just doing the work, but doing work that lasts.

The role carries a lot of responsibility. We have one core product, and the company’s existence depends on effectively marketing that product. You need to understand this responsibility, but approach your work systematically and calmly, with an eye to the future. Don’t stress the small stuff; it’s the long game that matters.

About You

We are a small team with varied responsibilities that feed into each other. At Standart, we all work to the same goal. We are looking for someone who has an optimistic and positive attitude, and avoids blaming and shaming.

You need to own the concept of being responsible for communicating our product. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you have what you need to get the job done. You need to be someone who thrives on autonomy and responds with a high degree of accountability.

You will have to learn how we work and adapt, but we also want to be shown new ways to work. Even though you will be ultimately responsible for our marketing efforts, there may be times when another course or route will need to be taken to achieve an outcome. We expect that you can commit to doing your best work even when things are less than perfect.

We’re not looking for someone who does their best work in a crisis situation, but someone who—through planning and routine—can avoid those crises and get the job done within a healthy number of work hours.

Pay and benefits

Standart is an EU company legally based in Slovakia. Based on a contract, we pay a progressive salary that will start within the range of €42k to €50k per year, depending on your experience and qualifications, and increasing to as high as €105k in increments corresponding to achieved milestones.

We understand that in order to do your best work, you need to be in good health, both physical and mental. We believe in providing ample time off, flexible working hours, and time for creativity. 

Standart offers 4 weeks of paid holiday per year. We don’t track your days off, but the team needs to know if you’re planning on not being available, so just let us know. 

We offer other perks and benefits such as supporting you in continuous learning to expand your knowledge and inspiration, yearly team get-togethers in different cities around the world, equipment, quality reading, and excellent coffee.

How to apply

We are accepting applications for this position until June 21. We will let you know when we’ve received it, and will get back to you once we have had time to make an evaluation.

Please send us a CV and a cover letter introducing yourself which will give us a taste of what working with you will be like. About 800 words should do it. Be sure to let us know why you chose us, why we should choose you, and a little about how you would approach some of the example projects detailed above. As a print publication and fully-remote company, we value great writing and effective communication. Show us what you’ve got!

We’re looking forward to working together.

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