Agricycle Global Accounting & Finance Intern (USX08)

Posted on April 7th, 2021

Overview: Accounting & Finance Intern

As our Accounting & Finance Intern in Milwaukee, you will report to the CEO and CFO and work closely with the Director of Sales. You will support the growth of our business and internal processes through: accounting and Quickbooks automation, AP/AR, COGS and similar financial analysis, and consolidating global subsidiaries’ books. You will learn how to work in a global, often virtual team with multiple levels of financial management and accounting. You will regularly multitask multiple responsibilities and be diligent and resourceful in problem-solving.


  • Reconcile QBO entries with correct classification and auditing integrations and connections.

  • Consolidate global subsidiaries’ QBO accounts to US and complete intercompany invoicing.

  • Support the Director of Sales in conducting customer invoicing (AR), deduction disputes and COGS.

  • Support the CFO in preparing monthly books and adjusting 13-week rolling cash flow and projections.

  • Support the CEO in managing diligence requests and Carta administration (equity and options).

  • Conduct bill pay (AP), credit card payment and debt management through banks and platforms.

  • Review and audit global subsidiaries’ budgets and actuals to record variances for future planning.

  • Fulfill information requests by other Agricycle entities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

  • Maintain files on Google Drive and DocSend and update company records and its Data Room.

  • Compile data from multiple company verticals and prepare regularly scheduled reports and figures.

  • Accomplish all other reasonable responsibilities provided by supervising team members.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Highly creative with a hunger for innovation and are natural-born problem solvers.

  • Motivated by a passion to make the world a better place and love to take on challenges.

  • Servant leaders who help to build the team and take on whatever role is necessary.

  • Eager to learn and thrive in the fast-paced “fail fast, fail often” startup culture we embody.

  • Collaborative in a highly diverse and global team and can work independently when remote.

  • Critical and strategic thinkers with strong decision-making skills.

  • Empathetic and patient, knowing no task is below them.

  • Strong team players, knowing teamwork is necessary and that each role supports the other.


  • Minimum of at least 6 months of employment history (not necessarily continuous).

  • Pursuing Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or similar business administration degree with a minimum of 2 academic years of education.

  • Excellent relationship building and English communication skills (written, oral and digital).

  • Demonstrated compassion and empathy, strong work ethic and unimpeachable integrity.

  • Readiness and ability to regularly perform under pressure and within short timeframes.

  • Desire to be proactive and support other team members by reducing their workload.

  • Excellent working knowledge of computer applications including QBO and cloud-based software.


Compensation: Targeted $13-15/hr and 10+ hours per week during the school year, 40 hours per week in summer.

Time Off: 9 prorated Paid Holidays + flexible scheduling to match lifestyles (parenting, student, other employment).

Work Environment: Semi-remote working in Milwaukee downtown office with global travel and startup culture.


Send all applications through by 23 April 2021 at 5pm CST. Agricycle is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks diversity in all forms. Attach the following as one combined PDF: a) cover letter addressed to the CEO; b) Resume with two reachable references; and c) any other documents you find relevant related to qualifications or personality. Clearly state the position you are applying for in your letter.

Remote Restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 1 hours with Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Must be a resident of United States