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GitLab is seeking an experienced Principal Pricing Manager to build out a brand new pricing function at the company. This pricing professional will work closely with the CEO, CMO, CRO, and Product Management leadership to drive decision making around all aspects of the pricing model. This is a strategic and critical role that has the opportunity to make a huge positive impact on GitLab’s top line growth and bottom line profitability.


  • Drive robust pricing related research and analysis to generate and test hypotheses to optimize GitLab’s pricing model, including pricing metrics, price points, and package construction
  • Collaborate effectively with the executive team and product organization to drive complex pricing decisions
  • Ensure pricing and packaging policy is effectively implemented into the customer experience
  • Define, track and measure pricing performance, defining actionable decision insights on pricing performance, and implement continuous pricing optimization plans
  • Build models to inform the impact of price changes on customer acquisition, usage and churn
  • Work with the Growth teams to increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU)


  • 7+ years of pricing experience. MBA preferred. Previous experience in Product Management also a plus.
  • Fluency in pricing research methodologies like conjoint and Van Westendorp analysis
  • Deep analytical skill and experience creating complex models to forecast the impact of pricing changes
  • Expertise in quantitative and qualitative customer validation techniques, including surveys & customer interviewing to test customer segmentation, value metrics, pricing models, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive complex cross-functional pricing & packaging decisions, as well as subsequent implementation and success tracking
  • Previous experience using customer/market segmentation techniques to effectively map pricing packages to user personas, buyer personas, and/or market segments
  • Interest in and capability to rapidly build out a Pricing team once the function gets established

Hiring Process

  • Candidates will be invited to a 30 minute screening call with a member of our Recruiting team
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with the VP of Product
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute Deep Dive with one of our Product Managers
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with the Director of Product
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with a Director of Product Marketing
  • Candidates may be invited to a final 50 minute interview with our CEO
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