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Posted on April 27th, 2019

We are looking for a talented, full time content content creator to join our growing team here at!

Hi! We're AgentFire. 

Our site and content already ranks extremely well organically, and right now we feel like high quality organic content is our biggest missed opportunity, and we're looking for someone to to really help us capitalize there!

We're looking for an experienced, talented, full-time content writer who has a minimum of 2+ Years Experience or 10 High Quality Articles demonstrating an expert level understanding of the US Residential Real Estate Industry

We want to create content that helps U.S. based real estate agents to generate more leads, close more deals, and be more productive online and offline with the real estate marketing strategies and tactics that they utilize. 

Content Responsibilities

Since we build real estate websites for real estate agents and brokers throughout the USA and Canada - our content will mainly focus on content that provides value to... you guessed it... real estate agents and brokers in the USA and Canada! 🙂

Ideally we're looking for a 'multi-tiered' approach, with blog articles constituting the foundation of our content strategy. Our content should mainly focus on

  • Strategies to generate more leads, with a focus on Facebook Marketing, Google Marketing, LinkedIn etc
  • Ideas to get more listings / promote open houses etc
  • Online marketing advice / tips / tricks
  • Case Studies with our existing clients
  • Email Strategies for all types of real estate leads (buyers, sellers, upsizers, downsizers, first-time homebuyers, etc)
  • How to get more listings
  • 'Joint' articles written in collaboration or featuring 3rd party features and services that we use or collaborate with (i.e. we collaborate with various 3rd party real estate CRM systems, real estate IDX etc)
  • Any strategy / advice / tips that would benefit real estate agents!

For good examples of companies producing really good content in our industry, you can check here:

Required Skills/ Experience

To be considered for this position, you must have the following experience:

  • Minimum of 2 Years Writing Real Estate Focused Content or at least 10 examples of High Quality, Residential Real Estate focused content
  • Know how to write compelling, concise content
  • Ability to collaborate (you'll be working with our team and clients on much of the content, especially in the early goings)
  • SEO + Intuition (yep) - Our content strategy should be a combination of knowing what will rank well + what will resonate and provide the most value with real estate agents
  • Deliver (slightly) ahead of schedule!
  • Loads of experience with social media
  • Bonus - Ability & Experience creating video content

Compensation & Remote Work   

Working Hours: We've got over 30 employees spread across the globe (we're 100% online!). This is a remote position and you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world, although we'll expect you to be online and working during roughly 9-5 EST or PST, although we are very flexible here.  

There are a big pocket of us living in Medellin, Colombia, so bonus points if you want to live in Medellin and work with us directly!

Compensation: This is a Full-time position (with overtime opportunities) and compensation will vary from $15/hr to $25/hr based your experience and relevant qualifications. 

To Apply: Please send multiple examples of residential real estate focused content that you have created, along with ideas for test articles that we can start with based on your observations of AgentFire and the sort of content that we already have (

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