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We are one of the top app developers on Shopify with tens of thousands of active users and hundreds of five-star reviews for our four apps. We have a good trial to paid conversion rate, retention, and a strong ARPU.

As Growth Manager you’ll define and execute growth programmes by building on our existing product/market fit and establishing new channels.

You will be working closely with the CEO to define our growth objectives for the quarter and strategies to achieve them. Then you’ll plan things to try, execute them, measure and iterate to move learning and growth forward.


  • You are data-driven
  • You ask a lot of questions, are curious and inquisitive with team members, our customers, partners, and the wider community
  • Well-organized you put tools and processes in place to manage yourself and others
  • You set goals and are tenacious in achieving them
  • Systems are what you look to build to make repeatable wins
  • Clear, frequent communication comes naturally to you
  • You value candidness and openness, readily giving and receiving both criticism and praise
  • You are both a strategizer and a doer, able to execute 100% yourself when required and not just manage others
  • As a leader you can do everything from managing delegated tasks to inspiring others to do their best work


  • Experience marketing SaaS or similar products
  • Demonstrable successes and failures with owned, earned and paid acquisition
  • Adept at using analytics
  • Have managed employees/contractors


Full time, 100% remote from any location with some overlap with Eastern Time and European Time. We believe strongly in work/life balance with reasonable hours (usually 37.5 hours or occasionally more when required). We're a UK company with compensation and paid time off to match.


Apply by sending your CV to Bonus for including details of growth engines you've built.

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