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The Petal mission

At Petal, we’re using fresh thinking and cutting-edge technology to make credit honest, simple and accessible. We use machine learning to analyze more data in our credit decisions, which means more people qualify, even if they’ve never had credit before. And we use behavioral science and smart, intuitive design to offer a simple, customer-centric product that’s engineered to achieve better financial outcomes -- with straightforward terms and no fees whatsoever. The result is an exciting new approach to credit that has the potential to radically expand credit access and improve the lives of millions of consumers, shaking up a trillion dollar industry in the process.

To do this, we’re bringing together exceptional talent from across disciplines and industries to shape the future of financial services and improve the lives of our customers in a meaningful way.

At Petal, we're looking for people with kindness, positivity, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and potential will stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Petal, we welcome diverse perspectives from people who think rigorously and aren't afraid to challenge assumptions.

Join a team of talented, motivated, and collaborative engineers to wrangle complex, ever-changing business requirements under control. Our app must function reliably and delightfully at all times in order for Petal to deliver on its promise of simple, accessible credit. Our feature set aims to outshine other financial apps through a central view into your financial life and the credit industry's most transparent, customer-centric payment experience.

This is a frontend-focused full-stack role: about 80% of the time will be spent in our frontend—a tri-platform React Native app written in TypeScript—and the rest on our Flask/Python backend. You'd be reporting to our Director of Engineering.


  • Write high-quality, well-tested, functional, observable code that runs smoothly in production.

    • Up-level our React Native app, delivering reliable, delightful features that our customers need.
    • Elevate the engineering standards and coding hygiene across the team.
    • Lead complex projects, influence product design and make business vs technology trade-offs during all phases of the project lifecycle, consistently delivering on time.
    • Work with various Petal stakeholder teams (e.g., product, analytics, operations, risk, compliance) and third-party technology vendors (e.g. credit bureaus, credit processors, bank data aggregators)
    • Teach across the broader engineering organization to improve best practices and influence system design


  • Track record of shipping high-quality, complex React apps to end-users. A deep understanding of React/React Native/Redux libraries and ecosystem is essential for this role. We use Expo to build our apps, which are written in Typescript, so a familiarity with that toolchain is very helpful. You yearn for cleaner code using functional components and React hooks.

  • Strong self-management, sense of ownership, and organization. Petal’s open and collaborative environment enables proactive and organized employees to really shine.

  • Displays inclusivity, kindness, and humility. Our inclusive and collaborative culture is what makes Petal a great place to work. We need diverse people who embody our core values to make it even greater.

  • Product-oriented. Communication of complex, ever-changing business and technology concepts is hard. Creating a shared understanding and path forward via an open discussion is commonplace at Petal.

  • Adaptable. As stated above, this role is mostly frontend-focused; that said, successful engineers here roll up their sleeves to dive into their dependencies when planning projects, debugging issues, and implementing features end-to-end. So, becoming productive in our API layer (RESTful Flask apps with Postgres databases) is important.

  • Weighs trade-offs and focuses on value delivery. A fast-paced startup demands making trade-offs that balance the near term and long term value add of solutions. At Petal, we design robust systems, but try not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


  • 🇺🇸 US-only
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