Hireology Junior Site Reliability Engineer

Posted on January 9th, 2019

Hireology’s technology empowers businesses to build great teams. Over the last eight years, we’ve grown from a startup to a market-leading organization with over 175 team members and built an award-winning culture that makes this company an amazing place to work. It’s with that in mind that Hireology is looking to add a Junior System Admin/Associate Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) to our team. 

As a member of SRE team you will be responsible to design, develop and maintain the stability of Hireology's production platform to ensure higher service uptime. The Hireology SRE team is in charge of maintaining production, quality assurance, and development systems.

As our Junior Site Reliability Engineer, you'll be responsible for:

  • Develop and leverage tools to manage the Hireology public cloud infrastructure via code (AWS CLI, Ansible, etc)
  • Design architectural blueprints and configuration templates that are used to provision infrastructure components (AWS EC2, Hireology applications) in a scalable manner that ensures compliance to corporate security and operating principles
  • Provide inputs to major architectural designs to ensure consistency, security, maintainability and flexibility with respect to the overall Hireology application architecture
  • Work with senior engineers to design highly scalable and automated deployments for a wide range of Hireology applications
  • Once in production, help ensure that solutions are performant and operational, SLAs are maintained, making recommendations to improve process efficiency.
  • Leverage automation tactics and technology to build continuous integration
  • Display troubleshooting, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills

So what kind of person are we looking for in this role? We have a pretty unique culture here at Hireology, and the person who will be successful in this role will be:

  • Results Obsessed: You are passionate about measuring and driving demonstrable results through your efforts
  • An Effective Communicator: Delivering messages up and down and across the organization requires clarity, diplomacy and discretion - you will need to demonstrate all of those abilities.
  • Think Strategically: Information-savvy when it comes to driving performance and a driven individual who can accelerate the growth of our platform

Okay, we’ve laid out what the job is - now are you qualified? Below are the minimum qualifications we’re looking for in a Junior Site Reliability Engineer. Also, we want a chance to get to know who you are and why you applied, so please include a cover letter.

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information System or another related field is preferred but not a requirement
  • 1-3 year of combined IT and Cloud experience
  • Have a good understanding of modern, cloud-centric architectures and DevOps principles, and prefer working in an agile team model
  • You are creative, energetic and passionate about technology and leveraging them
  • Preferred programming knowledge and experience with Python, Bash, JSON, SQL
  • Skills working with Linux operating systems

So what can you expect after you apply? You will:

  • Take a brief true/false survey. Be sure to check your email after you apply.
  • Have a phone conversation with someone on our Recruiting team. This is a high-level conversation about you, but also a good opportunity for you to learn more about us.
  • Meet with one of our Engineers to talk shop. Be prepared to talk about how you approach work technically with examples of how you have done it in the past. 
  • Go over your career history with our Vice President of Engineering. This will be an opportunity for us to get an idea of how you got to where you are, and if where you want to go lines up with where we are going.
  • Meet virtually with some more of the remote team. We want to give you some idea of the people you will be working with. We ask the serious questions here, like your top three movies.
  • Provide us some references. We use our automated reference check system for this, so you just give us some names, they fill out a survey, and we are all set.
  • Speak with a member of our leadership team. If you have made it this far, just be yourself, and everything will be fine.
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