DNSimple System Administrator

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As a DNSimple System Administrator, you are responsible for maintaining and enhancing our mixed bare metal & VM based infrastructure, fixing issues, automating tasks and routines, and developing an overall system to help achieve customer success through the automation of their domain management.

System Administration Team:

  • We are a fully distributed team of experienced system administrators.
  • We use Chef-Infra to manage and Chef-Inspec to test our system changes.
  • We deploy and operate our various applications and infrastructure.
  • We update and use our documentation rigorously to keep runbooks up to date.
  • We automate wherever possible, removing manual procedures wherever we can.
  • We test our code, we use code review, and we ship multiple times a day.


  • Build, maintain, & enhance the infrastructure for our applications and dependencies.
  • Update and clarify documentation, incident handling, and operational procedures.
  • Communicate progress on projects with the DNSimple team through GitHub & Trello.
  • Review other team members pull requests in a timely fashion.
  • Answer customer support requests, helping customers achieve their goals and recording issues when changes need to be made to handle bugs or enhancements.


  • Strong English comprehension and writing skills.
  • Previous experience using Chef, Ubuntu, and PostgreSQL.
  • Linux networking and software controlled BGP experience is preferred.
  • Experience with Docker or similar container packaging is preferred.
  • Experience with Go, Ruby, or Erlang is a bonus.
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