Le Tote Senior iOS Engineer

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Job Overview:

We are looking to expand our iOS engineering team by bringing in someone who can build, scale, and deploy high-quality applications to the App Store. You will have an opportunity to work very closely with our server-side engineers, designers, and product team and have the ability to make a significant impact on an application that has been featured in the App Store for over six months straight and used by thousands of customers on a daily basis. This role would be ideal for someone who wants to work with the latest iOS technologies (Swift, GraphQL, Apollo) and help drive a rapidly growing business.

How we’ve built our iOS app..
We have a fully automated CI process to test and build our app.
We've used a MVVM architecture from day one.
Our API schema is generated automatically and is typesafe (via GraphQL)
Our APIs have all been collaboratively designed by iOS, frontend, and backend engineers.
We invest in continuing education and tooling to make developers’ lives easier.

Check out what the team has been working on..
Personalization. We’re enhancing our shopping experience to use user feedback and data to further personalize search results to each user.
Speed and Reliability. We’re improving our real time monitoring and alerting for better visibility into the health of our systems.
Search and Discovery. We’re adding lots of new ways for customers to find the products that are right for them. We’re giving them the tools they want to make informed decisions on both fit and style.

What we’re looking for..
4+ years of iOS software development experience.
Experience with our core language - Swift (and Ruby is a plus). We prefer candidates with experience in our stack but we also highly value strong coding fundamentals and the ability to learn new technologies quickly.
Strong experience with API design. We use GraphQL and the Apollo client for our APIs.
User-focused, team players who are excited to tackle big problems.

How we work..
Iteratively. We do weekly sprints, frequent testing builds, and timely code reviews in order to ship quickly and minimize bugs.

Collaboratively. As software engineers, we work very closely with Product and Design to clarify what's possible, what's easy, what's difficult, and what opportunities we see from a technical and non-technical perspective.

With focus. We strive to give engineers discrete areas of focus so they can take ownership of their codebase and build systems the way they want.

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