GitLab Director of Product, Enablement

Posted on February 8th, 2019

As the Director of Product, you will be responsible for managing and building the team that focuses on a subset of GitLab's product categories. The Director of Product, Enablement leads the Enablement sub-department and reports to the Head of Product.
The Enablement sub-department at GitLab is responsible for:
  • Distribution: GitLab Omnibus and Cloud Native installations
  • Geo: Enabling read-only mirrors of GitLab instances
  • Gitaly: A Git RPC service for handling all git calls made by GitLab
  • Memory: Reducing and optimizing memory resources required by the GitLab application
  • Ecosystem: Service integration platform

Individual responsibility

  • Make sure you have a great product team (recruit and hire, sense of progress, promote proactively, identify underperformance)
  • Work on the vision with the Head of Product, VP of Product, and CEO; and communicate this vision internally and externally
  • Distill the overall vision into a compelling roadmap
  • Make sure the vision advances in every release and communicate this
  • Communicate our vision though demo's, conference speaking, blogging, and interviews
  • Work closely with Product Marketing, Sales, Engineering, etc.

Team responsibility

  • Ensure that the next milestone contains the most relevant items to customers, users, and us
  • Work with customers, users, and other teams to make feature proposals enticing, actionable, and small
  • Make sure the comparisons are up to date
  • Keep /direction up to date as our high level roadmap
  • Regularly join customer and partner visits that can lead to new features
  • Ensure that we translate user demands in features that make them happy but keep the product UI clean and the codebase maintainable
  • Make sure the release announcements are attractive and cover everything
  • Be present on social media (hacker news, twitter, stack overflow, mailinglist), especially around releases


  • 3-5 years experience in managing product managers
  • 8-10 years of experience in product management
  • Technical background and clear understanding of developer products; familiarity with Git, Continuous Integration, and Project Management software a plus
  • Experience with DevOps
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values
  • Leadership at GitLab

Hiring Process

  • Candidates will be invited to a 30 minute screening call with a member of our Recruiting team
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Product Managers
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Directors of Product
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with one of our Directors of Engineering
  • Candidates will then be invited to a 45 minute interview with the Head of Product
  • Candidates may then be invited to a 2-hour deep-dive session
  • Candidates may be invited to a final 50 minute interview with our CEO
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