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Headway is a changelog as a service solution that stole hearts of many companies by making it super simple to share updates with their users. Headway is also one of those great stories about a fully bootstrapped company that came into being when solving our own problem.

With a set of great companies onboard (Superhuman, CodeShip, Statuspage, Travis CI, to mention a few) we have an ambition to create a great, long lasting company. All of this while not going crazy at work.

You will work closely with the technical founder (previous CTO of jsfiddle.net) to take more ownership over the application over time. If this is what you are looking for, look no further πŸ™‚

We have an appetite for some quality engineering, use the latest version of Ruby on Rails. We experiment with cool, mature technologies like React, GraphQL or Docker, and we like to build our own tools too! Everything to make our work even more enjoyable 😊


You will (learn to):

  • Contribute to the full feature lifecycle

  • Experiment

  • Ship fast, with confidence

  • Build scalable web applications on modern stack

  • Optimize code for high-traffic

  • Set up and maintain a production environments in the cloud (AWS), using infrastructure as code approach

  • Keep our web application secure

  • Monitor web applications

  • Write tools that make our work better

  • Keep our engineering standards high


You may be fit for this role if you:

  • Love Rails

  • Write high quality, testable Ruby code with few dependencies

  • Take pride in what you do

  • Enjoy working in distributed teams

  • Have experience in scalability

  • Are interested in best industry practices

  • Like taking ownership

  • Have interest in SaaS

  • Are looking for a small team/high impact position




  • 🌏Worldwide
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