Merchant Labs LLC Product Marketer/ Growth Hacker (B2B SAAS)

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full-Time

Posted on January 31st, 2019

We are looking for a motivated individual to help us grow our B2B SaaS from 350 to 1,000 customers, and beyond. You, as our Product Marketer/ Growth Hacker, will be responsible for the creation and execution of marketing campaigns that result in increased customer acquisition, awareness, and relevance among our target audience.


We will provide direction and resources but you are free to experiment with any marketing strategy that will drive user growth.

Including (but not limited to)* Creating useful and engaging blog posts* Promoting content* Email marketing (building email sequences and one off promotions)* Organic/guerilla marketing on social platforms* Paid advertising (Facebook, Google, Reddit etc.)* Creating and promoting video content on Youtube* Affiliate marketing/ joint ventures


Our ideal candidate is someone who is in the beginner stages of their online marketing career and looking to rapidly build skills in a remote startup environment.

We are outcome focused. There are no strict hours, the only thing we care about is results.

You will be working directly with one of the founders.

You must have the following* Excellent written English ability.* Some online marketing experience (this is a junior level position but basic knowledge is required).* Burning passion to learn new things.* Self-starter and can work autonomously. Critical as we will likely be in different countries and timezones.* Outcome oriented. You must be driven to deliver results.

Ideal but not required (one or more of)* Experience with selling on Amazon* Experience with Wordpress* Copywriting experience* Paid advertising experience* Knowledge of SEO* Passion for ecommerce

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