Canonical Security Certifications Engineer

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FIPS/Security Certifications Crypto Engineer


Job Description:

Location Requirements:

  • Home-based in US or European timezones

Reports To: Engineering Manager for Security EngineeringTeam.


Role summary:

The Server Hardware Enablement team delivers server solutions into the Ubuntu distribution. You will use your applied cryptography and C coding skills to enhance the Ubuntu distribution to attain FIPS and Common Criteria certification, and open up the Ubuntu distribution to new market sectors and industries. Scripting skills (OVAL/bash/python) will be used to assist with tooling.


The successful Security Certifications Engineer will collaborate with Canonical’s kernel and security teams to extend and enhance the Ubuntu distribution with the features necessary to achieve and retain FIPS and CC certification.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Extend and enhance Linux cryptographic components, specifically with modules such as OpenSSL/OpenSSH with the features and functionality required for FIPS and CC certification
  • Collaborate with external security consultants to test and validate kernel and crypto components, achieve and then retain FIPS and CC certification
  • Work in partnership with the internal project manager to ensure delivery against project goals and milestones, identifying technical risks and mitigating them
  • Contribute to Ubuntu mainline and upstream projects to land solutions and benefit the community
  • Contribution to continuous integration infrastructure: automated testing and validation
  • Self-discipline and self-motivation to perform day-to-day engineering activities and deliver to schedules in a globally distributed team
  • Communication and collaboration within and outside Canonical to rapidly resolve issues and keep the project on track


Required Skills and Experience:

  • Experience of working with OpenSSH and other low-level Linux cryptographic components
  • Knowledge of security standards such as STIG,CIS or CC.
  • Security Certification experience and knowledge in FIPS and/or CC
  • Experience with patching and associated tooling: identifying, isolating, applying and testing patches, and resolving any resulting issues
  • General Linux development skills (C proficiency, git experience)


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Software packaging and maintenance experience, especially using Debian packaging
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with low-level Linux cryptography APIs and debugging
  • Familiarity with open source development tools and methodologies, especially those in common-use for development of the Linux ecosystem such as: Launchpad, IRC, and mailing-lists

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