Hubbard Digital Pty. Ltd. Senior Facebook Advertising Campaign Manager

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We’re hiring a highly experienced Facebook ad manager to work on big budget campaigns for our top tier clients. You’ll be designing and implementing cutting edge strategies and scaling them to 7 figures and beyond while exceeding our client’s KPI’s.

We’ve been managing Facebook ads for top tier clients in the information product and coaching spaces for 5+ years and have become one of the leading Facebook ad agencies out there.

We need you to pioneer and innovate to create, implement and manage ad campaigns that incorporate every tool ad our disposal (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger bots etc.) to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

If you’re an expert with Facebook ads and you have extensive experience in the information product (online course) and/or coaching world we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  1. We recently started working with a client who is selling a $497 online course. We took them from a $200/day spend generating a 200% ROAS, to spending over $2,500 USD / day and generating a 250% ROAS. (In other words, from $12k in sales per month to over $100k in sales from a ~$30k spend)
  2. We’re working with a client who has a large membership site. They were bringing in new members for $80 each before working with us. A few months in we’re bringing in new members for $35 each (on a $47/month product)

This role is important because our client’s results are a top priority for us, and as an ad manager you are responsible for continuing to deliver these outstanding results.

This is a contractor position, starting part-time with a view to move to full-time as quickly as possible (within 3 months).

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