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We seek talented researchers and engineers who have a fiery passion to build foundational infrastructure for the fabric of human knowledge, who desire work on the bleeding edge of P2P and Networking technologies and who understand the value of creating resilient, open, and equal access to the Internet and Web.
Research Engineering at Protocol Labs
We are hiring a Research Engineer to pursue our vision in building and expanding our Resilient Networks Lab (see below). The Engineer is expected to support work related to: surveying academic literature, implementing and evaluating (mainly in simulation environments, but possibly also proof-of-concept testbeds) protocol designs nurtured within the lab, and also identifying problems with existing designs in the operational networks.We believe in an Open Source and Open Collaboration approach to creation.  
As a Research Engineer at Protocol Labs:

  • Study, design and propose improvements to the IPFS, libp2p, Filecoin and other Networking protocols.

  • Validate design proposals through simulation experiments and/or proof-of-concept distributed, large-scale testbed implementations.

  • Work with the development team on turning the research into implementations.

  • Consider security and privacy issues when designing networking protocols.

  • Contribute and possibly lead protocol design and specification.

  • Apply the engineering rigor, craftsmanship and structuredness to Research, improving its predictability, clarity on progress and enhanced collaboration.

  • Collaborate with many other research labs and individual researchers on the field.

  • Attend and represent the projects and the research at Academic & Developer Conferences.

  • Work in a fully asynchronous and remote team.

  • Organize and attend high-intensity research and protocol design workshops.

Resilient Networks Lab

At Protocol Labs we’ve created a new Research Lab focused on Resilient Networks (ResNetLab). This Lab is designed to support engineering teams with “problems-to-be” by finding solutions before the problems hit the operational systems and Networks.


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