Harvest DevOps (Operations) Engineer

Posted on April 15th, 2019

The Harvest Operations Team (currently six people) has the task of keeping all of our applications running smoothly. We have wide-ranging responsibilities, and a lot of leeway to have fun in the process. On our team we prefer to self-select which projects we work on, choosing what interests you the most.

The DevOps (Operations Engineer) Role

The Ops Team does the following things (and more):

  • Deploys and manages a growing set of dedicated servers and cloud instances
  • Designs backup and redundancy strategies to keep our customers' data safe
  • Understands changing product requirements and deploys new tools to meet those requirements
  • Develops monitoring systems so we know when things stop working
  • Responds if those monitoring systems ever generate alerts
  • Helps the various teams at Harvest be productive by building internal tools and collaborating on design decisions
  • Interfaces with customers to troubleshoot issues

We are looking to expand our team to increase our project work capacity and continue pushing Harvest forward. A large focus of our current work is getting into Google Cloud. Our newest team member will be involved in the conceptualization, production, and migration to Google Cloud.

The Ops Team also has a weekly on-call rotation. We ask team members to be on-call for 7 days, and then offer a day off of work to relax and rejuvenate. With the addition of this new hire, on-call weeks would happen every five weeks.

Who You Are

If you know the following stuff, you likely have a skill set that would be a welcome addition to our team:

  • Designing resilient cloud computing infrastructure using Kubernetes, Google Cloud (especially GKE), Terraform, Amazon Web Services, Jenkins
  • Performance tuning web applications as they grow
  • Monitoring services using Prometheus 
  • MySQL, specifically performance tuning and advanced replication strategies
  • nginx
  • Graphite, StatsD, Sensu
  • Git
  • Redis
  • Advanced networking, IPv6, firewalls, intrusion detection

More specifically, you should have: 

  • 3+ years working on a production Ops/SRE/systems team for a SaaS application in a small to midsize company with varied responsibilities.
  • Experience being on-call for production support.
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Docker, and MySQL/Postgres. 
  • Experience working remotely and tackling greenfield projects in a collaborative environment.
  • Ability to demonstrate open source work is a major plus!

While we are a flexible work environment, we are looking for candidates who are able to work hours with a minimum 3-hour overlap to Central Standard Time. 

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