Linel Inc. Senior DevOps Engineer - Contract For a Joyent Migration

Posted on June 25th, 2019

We're Linel Inc., a DevOps-owned and run, 100% remote shop.

We have an immediate requirement for two strong senior DevOps engineers.


Short-term contract. Starting very soon and going to early November


Migrate a complex system from Joyent to another cloud provider.


  • haproxy
  • redis
  • twemproxy
  • solr
  • rails 4.0.13
  • ruby 2.1.5
  • unicorn
  • nginx
  • sidekiq
  • rabbitmq
  • lapine
  • S3
  • postgres
  • pgbouncer
  • prometheus
  • circonous
  • new relic
  • nagios
  • statsd
  • logging needs to change
  • redshift
  • fastly cdn
  • capistrano
  • docker
  • syslog


This isn't a good project for a beginner or intermediate engineer. The complexity, old age, nuance i.e. brittleness, and time frame require strong senior engineers.

If you're another dev shop please do not inquire about this opening. We treat all such emails as spam. Sorry, but otherwise we get flooded with emails that make it harder to find the candidates we're actually advertising to find. Thank you.

Please send a link to your resume, Web site, and Github account, whichever is applicable, to: Please use the subject line: “[WWR] DevOps.” Please also include links to any projects or code that demonstrates your capabilities. Given the volume of replies we usually get, this will help us differentiate you from other candidates. If you don't hear back from us, please accept our apologies in advance. We're a small shop and we don't have dedicated HR staff or a recruiter, so we reply only to the most promising candidates.

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