Soflyy UI UX Designer, No Coding Required

  • Design & User Experience
  • Full-Time

Posted on February 24th, 2019

Your primary job will be to lead the redesign of our website and the creation of a comprehensive style guide. We will take care of all the development work so that you can focus strictly on the design. If necessary, you will have a graphic artist at your disposal to create marks, icons, and graphic elements for your designs.


  • Create pixel-perfect mockups with excellent typography
  • Design visually stunning ways to communicate complicated ideas
  • Solve challenging content, navigation, and conversion problems
  • Produce a comprehensive style guide
  • Create marks, icons, and graphic elements (or collaborate with a graphic artist)
  • Work with a team to iterate on your designs


  • The availability to make this project your primary focus
  • Can tolerate being overruled and designing things you disagree with
  • Portfolio filled with beautiful designs relevant to this project
  • Experience leading large, complicated design projects
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