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We are interested in streamlining the operations of HPC clusters, with end to end automation and super optimisation of all processes.

If you have a passion for high performance computing, data centre technology, experience in data centre physical and software operations, deep familiarity with open source and Linux, and awareness of open source community leadership and best practices, then you will love the data centre product leadership role at Canonical.

Private infrastructure is being redefined with open source. Software defined storage and networking, hyper-converged architecture and east-west traffic friendly fabrics are raising the bar for infrastructure resilience and efficiency. Offload and acceleration is driving up efficiency for every class of infrastructure. Ubuntu is widely deployed in these environments. We continue to enable customer adoption of the latest capabilities for data centre operations to improve aggregate economics and performance.

Canonical have created a product leadership role for DC software and hardware alliance strategy and related technologies at the company. This role requires an analytical storyteller with a strong sense of message. We prefer graduate professionals with software engineering management experience who want to become business executives and entrepreneurs, to define product strategy and drive engagement.

Product leadership at Canonical is data-driven and content-centric. Product performance is closely measured and this team participates in regular reviews with company leadership.

You will join a growing team and help shape the message across our suite of products, with a particular focus on data centre technologies, protocols, services and equipment providers. You will create effective content to engage sophisticated technical and commercial audiences, and work closely with marketing, media, engineering, sales, research, consulting, and training teams.

You will be accountable for product go-to-market execution, marketing collateral, case studies, training, and blog posts. You will be expected to deliver measurable lead-gen and awareness.

The successful candidate will be multi-talented, with:

  • A rigorous technical or science background and supporting qualifications
  • Software engineering management experience
  • Experience in data centre operations - physical compute, networking and storage
  • Familiarity with relevant software and standards - BMCs, DNS, IPv4, IPv6, KVM
  • Business and commercial interests
  • A proven history of leadership and presentation skills
  • A strong work ethic, and personal interests aligned with the field
  • Awareness of Ubuntu and Canonical’s competition and tactical opportunities
  • Track record of data-driven decision-making
  • Proven ability to write about technology and the tech landscape


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