BranchLabs Project Manager @ eCommerce Agency

Posted on March 13th, 2019

Your Day-to-day

This is a contract-to-hire remote project manager position. Individuals only, please :)

Fundamentally, your job is to make sure our people are working efficiently on the our clients' biggest opportunities, and that our clients have visibility into what we're working and are bought in to our timing and approach.

How We View the Role

One of the most common complaints from clients about other agencies is that they are absolutely terrible at communicating. We're happy to report that we take communication as seriously as the implementation work itself, so the Project Manager role is absolutely critical to our success as a company. Communication is your primary responsibility. As such, much of your work will happen inside our communication tools—Slack, Jira, Zendesk, Email, and Hangouts.

As the nexus of information in the company you'll ensure information gets to the right people at the right time. There are three distinct roles you'll work closely with: Account Executives, clients, and Individual Contributors.

You'll collaborate closely with an Account Executive to break down project requirements they've produced for larger client initiatives into actionable tasks.

You'll work with our clients to document and schedule smaller tasks, keep them up-to-date on larger initiatives, and gather feedback and other project-related information.

Finally, you'll work with individual contributors to make sure they understand the scope of their weekly work and have what they need to do it.

About BranchLabs

BranchLabs is a small but rapidly growing fully remote eCommerce consultancy. We provide eCommerce strategy and implementation services for our clients. Our clients are generally vertically integrated, branded B2C businesses. We help them sell more online, show their brand in the best light, and optimize their backend eCommerce processes.

Our reputation is built on delivering results. We take pride in the work we produce. The products we deliver are high quality inside and out, and they help our clients capitalize on real opportunities. We work closely with stakeholders on our clients’ marketing teams, combining their understanding of their customers with our understanding of all things eCommerce. Together, we craft solutions that work for our clients and their customers.

Some Notes on Culture

Here are some of our values. They’re always being refined based on what works and what doesn’t.

  • We value clear, concise communication.
  • Quality can only be assessed with a clear problem definition.
  • Context—understanding our clients and their customers—empowers individual contributors to find better solutions.
  • Automating repeatable processes frees up time for more interesting problems.
  • No process for process’ sake. No meetings for meetings’ sake. But there’s a place for both.
  • Build or use tools to provide predictability and eliminate boring work.
  • Individual productivity is hugely dependent on a minimally distracting, supportive environment.


As a manager, you will be measured by the output of your team. Here’s how we do that.

  • Projects are consistently completed on time and on budget. When a project is not on track—it happens!—the appropriate stakeholders are informed as soon as possible.
  • Individual contributors are able to make rapid progress on their tasks, as every bit of required information is organized and ready for them to begin work.
  • Priority tasks are being triaged and worked on appropriately, and critical issues are not slipping through the cracks.
  • Clients feel confident they have insight into their projects' progress, and are confident about our approach.


This is what you’ll actually be doing on a day-to-day basis.

  • Helping coordinate communication between our internal staff and clients.
  • Capturing requirements as issues in Jira, written with contextual information so they’re actionable for the individual doing the task.
  • Shepherding client requests from initial contact through to actionable format in our issue tracker, Jira.
  • Managing work requests from clients in Zendesk.
  • Gathering and documenting information to unblock individual contributors.
  • Reviewing and approving work before it is presented to clients or deployed.
  • Conducting status calls with clients to keep both our teams pointing the same direction.
  • Identifying and implementing opportunities to improve our process so we can deliver better results more efficiently.

Required Qualifications

These are the must haves.

  • Prior experience managing or leading.
  • Able to understand the boundaries of technical systems well enough to have an intuition for what requests might be small/medium/large.
  • A conversational knowledge of the web. Example knowledge might include rough HTML/CSS knowledge, understanding what Javascript is used for, how a server responds to a request for a web page, what a browser cache is, what cookies are used for, etc.
  • As a remote first company, excellent written communication skills are a must.
  • You are punctual and organized.

Ideal Qualifications

If you fulfill the above and have experience with a few of the below, definitely get in touch.

  • Prior experience in an agile environment.
  • Technical enough to be able to help guide clients towards effective solutions in realtime, without developer input at all times.
  • Prior eCommerce admin, design, or development experience—particularly on Magento or Shopify.
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