ZSA Technology Labs Customer Support With Lots of Love

Posted on March 28th, 2019

Who We Are

ZSA Technology Labs makes some of the world’s best mechanical keyboards: The ErgoDox EZ and the Planck EZ. Our keyboards are open-source, very customizable, and are a joy to use. We have customers from the biggest tech companies, all the way to bootstrappers, entrepreneurs, and gamers. They’re all people who care about their health and typing habits, and we care about them.

One of the main reasons our customers love us is how we support them. We’re human; we come to work every day to talk to some great people, and we happen to help them with their keyboards questions. But great communication is what it’s all about, first and foremost.

A part of that is being empowered: Doing customer support for ZSA, you’ll be able to truly make a difference for people. There isn’t a lot of “oh, I’ll have to check that with my boss”. The role is clearly documented, you have a lot of authority, and there’s already someone fantastic on the job to teach you the ropes. When someone needs help, you’ll have the tools to truly help them. Oh, and have fun along the way.

The team is small and fully remote. We have people in Canada, United States, Japan, and Mexico. The keyboard itself is made in Taiwan. So this is truly a global and remote operation.

The Role

You will be the person people go to when they need help with their keyboard. Maybe they can’t flash our custom firmware; perhaps a key is acting weird. Maybe they have a question when considering a purchase, or maybe they just want to write and say they love what we do (yes, we really do get those emails).

That means you’ll have to know the keyboard inside and out. You’ll be helping those people, testing things for them, and reporting issues and wishlist items back to the rest of the team.

Then there’s a whole community management aspect, which is something we will be actively growing and working together with you to create. In short, there’s lots of space for creativity in this role.

As a Support Specialist, your responsibilities include:

  • Helping customers through email and social media to ensure they are successful with our keyboards
  • Troubleshooting, investigating, and creating detailed bug reports for our Engineering team
  • Contributing to our culture of "user delight" by sharing examples of how people use the keyboards with the rest of team
  • Correctly identifying and reporting on support requests that require additional features from our configurator (https://configure.ergodox-ez.com)
  • Auditing and updating any support resources as the keyboards change (Saved Replies, etc)
  • Handling returns and refunds
  • Handling RMAs (replacing people’s keyboards when needed, and knowing when it’s truly needed)
  • Helping write and maintain documentation and some of the copy for the website
  • Assisting with projects related to improving our support at scale processes
  • Interview some of our most successful customers and edit those interviews
  • And lots more in the future. :)

You could be a good fit if you:

  • Love mechanical keyboards, or maybe even own an ErgoDox EZ.
  • Have previous experience delivering a superior support experience with respect, empathy and understanding
  • Have excellent written and spoken English
  • Have the ability to pick up new technology quickly
  • Have the technical understanding and ability to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems on your own
  • Are available for a full time schedule that may include holidays (at reduced hours) as our customers need us

Bonus Points 

  • Previous experience working remotely
  • Familiarity with Front, our main support platform

The Good Stuff

  • Work with a small team and make a big difference.
  • Work in a very high-trust environment: We don’t monitor your schedule in intrusive ways, and we trust you to do the right thing.
  • Lots of room for growth as our company grows.

How to apply

Simple: Fill out the form at https://erezzukerman.typeform.com/to/UYBpC6 — I (Erez Zukerman, CEO/Co-founder of our little company) will personally read every response. Let’s do this!

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